“There’s this thing called poor quality. What that means is, you look within your company at all of the financial implications of having less than perfect quality. Usually, when you add all that up, you end up with a gigantic

As we step into the new year, it’s a time of fresh beginnings and renewed energy. In the world of project management, this period often brings forth the magic of new aspirations and goals. However, it’s also a time to

Season’s Greetings to All! As we wrap up 2023 and unwrap the possibilities of 2024, let’s take a moment to reflect on the significant strides in project management this past year and look ahead to what the future may bring.

As an avid lover of both aviation and project management, I have had the privilege of exploring two distinct worlds that seemingly have little in common. However, as I embarked on my journey as a pilot and later transitioned into

As a project manager, I have personally experienced the numerous challenges that come with overseeing complex projects. However, the advent of Project Management Offices (PMOs) has revolutionized the way we work. In this blog, I will delve into how PMOs

Picture this: another project on the horizon, and I turn to the timeless wisdom of Socrates. He once said, “Strong minds discuss IDEAS, average minds discuss EVENTS, weak minds discuss PEOPLE.” It’s not only thought-provoking but also holds the secret

Being a boss comes with a great deal of responsibility. As leaders, we have the power to shape the working environment, motivate our employees, and drive success. However, not all of us are perfect in our roles. In fact, I

Project managers are often optimistic and confident in their abilities to deliver successful projects. Armed with our methods and tools, boundless optimism, and can-do attitude, it sometimes feels like we can do anything. However, we must also acknowledge and address

Being a (project) manager requires you to be a master of all trades. You need to have a handle on accountancy while being an expert strategist, motivating a team, and managing the time of many people. No one says it

We all make mistakes. Project managers are certainly no exception – though, as a profession, we tend to be placed under much scrutiny at times. Therefore those mistakes may become big news and can be, depending on the mistake, quite

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