As we step into the new year, it’s a time of fresh beginnings and renewed energy. In the world of project management, this period often brings forth the magic of new aspirations and goals. However, it’s also a time to

The daily stand-up has been the talk of the town in recent years. Seeing the buzz around it, you might have the fomo (fear of missing out) feeling if you haven’t heard about it before. Words of wisdom: Daily stand-up

Was haben ein Flug und ein Projekt gemeinsam? Eine ganze Menge! Etwa 50 Jahre nach Beginn des Projektmanagements scheitern immer noch mehr als 50% der IT-Projekte daran, dass ihnen Zeit, Ressourcen, Mittel usw. ausgehen. Wenn Piloten Flugzeuge fliegen würden, wie

Alle Artikel, die ich bisher geschrieben habe, sind auf Englisch. Seltsam, weil ich in der Schweiz lebe und die Sprache, die wir in dieser Region sprechen, Deutsch ist. Deshalb habe ich vor, die nächste Artikelserie auf Deutsch zu schreiben. Wenn

Let’s start with the opposite: when do we dislike our jobs the most? I can give you some examples of my practice: I wouldn’t say I like dead ends, and sure I don’t want to be micro-managed. Also, I wouldn’t

I’ve spent most of my career deeply involved in technological and organizational transformations, working hand in hand with my clients through challenging transition times. Along the road, I have seen some projects succeed and achieve incredible results, while others have

There is a hard reality that everybody has to face. Sometimes our performances are less than stellar, and we are not always destined for success. You can’t always be brilliant! This truism very much applies to project management. Not every

Flying just a few feet off of the wings of the pilot in front and to the right of him, this skilled pilot was determined to keep a tight formation. And he was not alone in his efforts and highly

A national project management survey released this month reports that most projects are not meeting goals, and team members are often not trained properly. While most projects are eventually completed, only one-third of them come in on time and on

To land a plane you need to line up with the runway, figure out the right rate of descent and airspeed, then monitor and manage those, all the way down to the ground. Your goal is to touch down on

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